Lynn Van Norman – Licensed Massage Therapist

lynn van normanAt Lynn Van Norman – Licensed Massage Therapist, Our team of licensed massage therapists apply leading techniques to help you feel your best. Whether you need pain management, injury recovery or simple stress relief, our experienced professionals can help. From head to toe, you’re in expert hands.

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Massage Therapy in Eugene, OR

abmp logoLynn Van Norman has earned a reputation for providing friendly, honest and quality massage therapy services to the residents of Eugene, OR and the surrounding areas. Our team of licensed massage therapists specializes in a wide range of services including postural balancing (The Berry Method), lymphatic massage, visceral massage, cranial sacral massage, deep tissue work, Swedish massage, joint work and posture balancing, injury and post surgery recovery, and hypnosis. Lynn Van Norman’s massage therapy in Eugene, OR offers pain and stress relief that will rejuvenate your body and restore greater health.

As your tusted massage therapist in Eugene, OR, Lynn Van Norman is a leader in the industry. A licensed massage therapist, she is also a member of the Oregon Pain Society, National Teaching Association and Institute of Integral Health. She remains up-to-date on the latest techniques, so you can rest assured you are benefiting from the best methods available. Our clients have found relief from conditions such as fibromyalgia, surgery complications and carpal tunnel. We invite you to join the list of satisfied clients who take advantage of the many benefits of Lyhn Van Norman’s professional massage therapy services. Once you visit us, we’re confident you’ll find a new level of stability, comfort and wellness.

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  • We are locally-owned and -operated, established in 1978.
  • Lynn Van Norman is a licensed massage therapist and certified hypnotist.
  • We bring four decades of experience to your services.
  • We offer a full range of massage therapy methods.
  • Our services provide professional pain and stress relief to rejuvenate your body.


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