Massage Services in Eugene, OR

massageLynn Van Norman wants to help you feel your best. As a professional massage therapist in Eugene, OR, she applies proven techniques to increase circulation, relax muscles, improve flexibility and reduce pain. Lynn offers a full range of massage therapy services, including:

  • Cranial sacral: Craniopathy is a gentle method of manipulating the craniosacral system, which surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. This improves the function of the central nervous system and dissipates the negative effects of stress.
  • Deep tissue work: This focuses on the release of muscle tension and chronic knots. It can break up and remodel scar tissue from previous injuries.
  • Hypnosis: Lyn Van Norman is a certified hypnotist. Hypnosis can be used to treat a variety of mental and physical issues.
  • Injury and surgery recovery: Massage therapy can accelerate recovery and help your body return to full function faster.
  • Joint work: Our techniques help increase joint flexibility, prepare for strenuous workouts and improves range of motion.
  • Lymphatic massage: This very gentle method of massage works on lymph vessels and nodes to stimulate elimination of watery stagnation of the tissues (edemas) and to improve the flow of body fluids.
  • Postural balancing (The Berry Method): This unique, corrective technique utilizes muscle, ligamanet or organ positioning to remove adhesions, align soft and hard tissues across joints and correct alignment of bones by correcting the alignment of the soft tissues and structures that hold them.
  • Swedish massage: The goal of Swedish massage is to relax the entire body. The technique involves rubbing muscles with long, gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.
  • Visceral massage: This enhances the normal mobility and motion in the body’s organs after it has suffered severe trauma due to accident or surgery.

Lynns techniques are ideal for treating discomfort associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Her pain management in Eugene, OR offers life-changing relief.

Contact our expert massage therapist today at 541-603-8031 to schedule your next appointment. Lynn looks forward to rejuvenating your lifestyle.